A Medical Marijuana Dispensary is a facility established or operated to process, produce, and cultivate marijuana for qualifying patients and their caregivers to obtain or purchase medical marijuana.

Current Law

Currently, there are no dispensaries in Missouri. Below are proposed laws from the House Bill 800.

Proposed Laws

All of these are proposed provisions; the proposed effective date is August 28, 2015.The bill states that the division may issue up to thirty state licenses for medical cannabis centers and thirty state licenses for medical cannabis cultivation and production facilities.

Visiting a Dispensary

To enter a registered dispensary, a registered qualifying patient and his personal registered caregiver must present a registry identification card as proof that either/both may possess marijuana for medical use.

Starting a Dispensary

To start a dispensary, the bill requires the facility to hold both a medical cannabis center license and a medical cannabis cultivation and production facility license with the Department of Health and Senior Services and to submit complete required information, documentation, application, and fees. The business must comply with the rules under the bill to operate in a proper manner.

  • An applicant starting a dispensary must be at least 21 years of age or above.
  • Must have no background of any drug felony offense.
  • Must not be a registered physician.
  • An applicant may not purchase more than 30% of its total on-hand inventory from other licensees and may not sell more than 30% of its inventory to other licensees.
  • May only employ one full-time employee for each ten medical cannabis centers that are registred or applying.
  • The division is required to establish rules for the regulation and control of the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of medical cannabis.
  • Must file plans and specifications for the interior of the building or a plot plan and a detailed sketch if the building does not exist yet.
  • Must provide required security equipments to prevent unauthorized entrance.
  • Dispensary locations should be spread throughout the state.
  • Must not be within 1,000 feet of a school, an alcohol or drug treatment facility, college or seminary campus, or a residential child care facility.
  • Must disclose labeling and packaging, testing, storage, and processing requirements.
  • Maintain sanitation and cleanliness of the facilities.
  • Must keep records of procedures of auditing.

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