An email was sent out by the New Approach Missouri campaign saying that the Missouri Secretary of State’s office has approved, for circulation, their initiative petition for medical cannabis. Within the next couple of weeks, volunteers will have the petition to start collecting signatures.

Although Missourians show enthusiasm and acceptance of the initiative, some are uncertain if they will even be able to collect 160K valid signatures. The campaign would have to collect almost 250,000 signatures to guarantee the 160K valid signatures needed, within five months. To make all this possible, they will have to hire a professional signature gathering firm that will coordinate with volunteers and validate all signatures to ensure they are truly Missouri registered voters. The firm will cost around $800,000 and a substantial down payment will be needed to start.

Missouri activists are urging anybody to donate any amount. $5 or $500 or anything in between would be substantial for the campaign.

This would mean a choice of medical cannabis treatment regimen for Missouri patients and can help them a great deal with their conditions. Though many support the cause, it will not be achieved without hard work, which is why they are urging everyone to help and do their part. If the initiative fails, the next similar opportunity to present itself wouldn’t be for another four years.

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